Looking In The Relationship Mirror

Your relationships are a mirror into yourself.

For example, if you are to be loving, you need to know that you are loved. This is mostly a subconscious decision, but sometimes a conscious one. You project your own beliefs, thoughts, core values, vision, plans, and ideas onto those whom you meet. However, this isn’t about me, this is about you being made aware of how you influence, impact, control, burden, persuade, pursue, believe in, think, etc. about yourself.

Said differently, how you see yourself is how you treat others.

Know and understand that as you become more successful and evolve your mindset, there are going to be certain people that you must/should no longer associate with (or at least limit your time with these people). This can be awkward because this often times refers to your family.

So yes, I am literally implying that if you have family members whom are holding you back, physically remove yourself from (or at least limit your time with) that person(s).

They’re keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams and therefore depriving the world of your greatness. And if you’re not living up to your greatness, how can that person, which is holding you back, able to see the greatness in which they can become? They can’t and that selfish on your part.

So step up! Be a leader!

I encourage you to keep in mind that:

It’s not about the quantity of your friends, it’s about the quality of your friends.

By being made aware and accepting this part of your being, you are preventing yourself from stooping down to the level of limited thinkers. This keeps you on a ‘mental high’ that is beneficial to your life. If you continue to associate yourself with people that don’t feel or think the way you do or try to push their limiting beliefs onto you, you’re eventually going to fall into their trap of mediocrity and limited views.

So, be selective of the people that you create strong relationships with and don’t allow negative or unbelieving people to impact your thoughts or actions.

Literally, it’s as simple as that. You have the ability to make that decision as to what you allow and don’t allow. It’s a conscious decision…at least it is now that you’re beginning to see and understand it. I encourage you to have the confidence, awareness, and power to select the information and people into your mind, heart, and soul.

Make that conscious decision and stay in that power…everyone will thank you for it.





– Philip Douthett


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