Philip Douthett

Philip Douthett



I’m 12 years old and my dad comes home from work telling me about how his boss verbally assaulted him...and as he’s telling me, I feel an uncontrollable rage come over me. I’m angry at his boss, at my dad for not standing up for himself, and at myself for not knowing what to do. It was at that time I made the unconscious decision to accept the “it is what it is” mindset because I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by people who settled for “good enough.” Fast forward, I’m 22 and as I walk across the stage to receive my degree, it feels like a set of handcuffs closing around my life, enslaving me to perilous servitude. Just get a degree, get a job, & live out the next 50 years in silent desperation. Three years later, I'm called to the CEO's office to be scolded for requesting a $300 scholarship to attend a local training conference. I was living my worst fear. “Is this what working for someone else is like? Is this how my dad felt all the time?” It was at that point that I took complete ownership of my life. The only two things I can control are my thoughts and my actions. The same goes for you. I don’t have to accept "good enough." I have the ability to influence my future and help others because I know that if I help transform a person, I change the family. Change the family, you change the neighborhood. Change the neighborhood, you change the community. Change the community, you change the country. Change the country, you change the world! And I love having the freedom to be able to live my passion of helping people, like you, understand the importance of your perception, thought processes, & actions so you can take your life to another level in the areas that matter most to you - no matter your level of success. Whether it be your family, business, personal relationships, health, or your career, there's always another level in which you can advance your life. Come along with me and I'll show you how to breakthrough mental barriers & take on the world filled with new skills, confidence, & power!

Helping Integrity-Minded Men Liberate Their Lives So They Can Live With Purpose, Passion, Productivity, & Power.


Join the community of those whom have chosen to take back their power and live an elevated life of purpose, meaning, & fulfillment.


Philip Douthett, raised in Grand Rapids Michigan, is an Entrepreneur, Success Coach, and Freedom Fighter. As the author and creator of ManAwakened 2.0, he challenges cultural norms in order to create personal BREAKTHROUGHS for his clients by transforming their perspectives, mindset, and providing strategies to ultimately THRIVE…not just simply survive.

"I believe that everyone has a purpose of great value and impact. The trouble that most people have is determining that purpose among the societal norms, noise, and pressures that are instilled upon them from birth. My goal is to help you become a Man Awakened to strategies so you can breakthrough those mental blocks and create a life of completeness without regret, doubt, or fear."

Sometimes we are unsure of what we want to do with our lives even after we finish school, start our careers, make some money, and settle down.

Our minds, the economy, where we live, and who we spend time with changes more often than we change our underwear.

With all our life changes comes questions like “What are my passions?” “What do I want to do with my life?” or “How do I create a memorable legacy?”

Let’s open your eyes to the real game being played...


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